How to get there by train:
You take any train to “Rotes Rathaus” and walk 1 minute, along the Town hall road, past the famous Berlin Red Town Hall to “Nikolaiviertel” and into it to the central “Nikolaikirchplatz”. Opposite the main entrance of the church, you find the Poststrasse 12/11. The large gate to the right of the Café “Kugelei” leads you to the Courtyard.

How to get there by bus:
Take the M48 to Fisherman’s Island bus stop. Then walk down the stairs in front of the Ephraim palace into Poststrasse. The entrance to Poststrasse No. 11 is on the left hand.

How to get there by car:
Head to Potsdamer Platz on Mühlendamm. From The Mühlendamm, between Spree and Spandauer Strasse at the Restaurant “Zur Rippe” on the right is the entrance to the Nikolaiviertel (Poststrasse). Another driveway would be Spandauer Strasse, at the Red Town Hall, into the Street “Am Nussbaum”. However, there are no parking lots in The Nikolaiviertel! It is advisable to use the parking lots on Mühlendamm.

How to get there by foot:
From the train station “Jannowitzbrücke” we recommend walking down the Spree riverside “Rolandufer”, towards the Nikolaiviertel.